30 Poems in 30 Days

National Poetry Month, April 2016


30NaPoMo Poem 30

29NaPoMo Poem 29

28NaPoMo Poem 28

27NaPoMo Poem 27

26NaPoMo Poem 26

25NaPoMo Poem 25

24NaPoMo Poem 24

23NaPoMo Poem 23

22NaPoMo Poem 22

21NaPoMo Poem 21

20NaPoMo Poem 20

19NaPoMo Poem 19

18NaPoMo Poem 18


17NaPoMo Poem 17


16NaPoMo Poem 16


15NaPoMo Poem 15


14NaPoMo Poem 14 Impromptu 14


13 NaPoMo Poem 13


12NaPoMo Poem 12


11NaPoMo Poem 11 Impromptu 11

10NaPoMo Poem 10

09NaPoMo Poem 9


08NaPoMo Poem 8 Impromptu 8

07NaPoMo Poem 7 Impromptu 7


06NaPoMo Poem 5 Impromptu 6

05NaPoMo Poem 4 Impromptu 5

04NaPoMo Poem 6

03NaPoMo Poem 3

02NaPoMo Poem 2 Impromptu 2

01NaPoMo Poem 1 Impromptu 1

[For this year’s National Poetry Month, The Found Poetry Review has invited all of us to join them for IMPROMPTU, a thirty-day series of experimental writing prompts. They have invited some of the most forward thinking poets, writers and critics to their space to be our guides for the month. Each day, they feature a new prompt on their blog, and they encourage us to craft a poem in response. We can post our resulting poems in the comments section of each post or share the link to where we’ve posted the poem on our own blog or website.]
I’ve signed up for the challenge, and I am going to try to write 30 poems during the 30 days of April…watch for my IMPROMPTU and other new poems for the month here…