And the winner is…

amazon-goodreadsThe Goodreads Giveaway for May has ended. Congratulations to the lucky five winners! Signed copies of my book, “The Dirt Still Looks the Same: A Poetry Collective” will be headed your way soon, along with some groovy swag!!!

I hope you enjoy my poetry enough to leave a review on Amazon…not required, but would certainly be appreciated. Be sure to jump on over to my contact page while you’re here by the way so you can quickly sign up for my mostly-monthly email newsletter as well.

Here’s the list of this month’s winners:

  • Stacia C. of Carterville, GA
  • Debbie I. of Joplin, MO
  • Monica L. of French Link, IN
  • David M. of San Jose, CA
  • Barbie C. of Martinsville, VA

More things happening in June…be sure to keep watching for my birthday special!