Poetry: Why Even Bother? – guest blog post by Melissa Crockett Meske

My guest post is up on Trish Hopkinson’s blog…take a look…

Trish Hopkinson

Poetry has always been a part of me. Not necessarily always in its purest sense, but verses of organized thought run through my head without pause during all my waking hours. They have done so since I can remember.

Most of the time, this poetry inside my head has transmitted itself in a more lyrical fashion. Revealing a secret here: I love to sing! And I have done so since before I knew the meaning of the words I was singing. My sisters always seemed to get more recognition for it than I did, however, so I kept that part of me mostly on the down low. Guess my secret’s out now!

A couple of years ago, for the first time in more than 30 years, I signed up for voice lessons at the local music store. I had hoped to train my voice once more to work well enough…

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