April is National Poetry Month…

[For this year’s National Poetry Month (April 2016), The Found Poetry Review has invited us  to join them for IMPROMPTU, a thirty-day series of experimental writing prompts. They have invited some of the most forward thinking poets, writers and critics in this space to be our guides for the month. Each day, they feature a new prompt here their blog, and they encourage you to craft a poem in response. You can post your resulting poems in the comments section of each post or share the link to where you’ve posted the poem on your own blog or website.] I’ve signed up for the challenge, and I am going to try to write 30 poems during the 30 days of April…watch for my IMPROMPTU poems here…

<Poem #2>

A Resort in the Woods, Unlike Fairmont

One snowy evening I started writing

Anything but thoughts of promise and hope,

But the lonely shake of a harness bell

Brought me a new sound before then unknown.

Miles had always connected me to a darkness

I would have elsewhere encountered alone.

But now through the unmistaken still of the woods,

This beacon swept through the trees as they slept

And shimmered down on the frozen lake below.

Yet with the farmhouse still off in the distance,

Still further was the village we call home.

The sweeping wind eased through her downy mane,

Shaken inquisitively by my deep chestnut brown mare.

On this night, once said the year’s darkest evening,

She wondered why we had even stopped here.

–Melissa Crockett Meske, April 2, 2016


<Poem #1>

Biography Photography

An editorial written

With images of

The dislocation of societal values and goals

The natural impulses

That once brought

Her lens to a point blurring lines

Now striking

A divided by class

Poverty and wealth definitive in contrast pose

–Melissa Crockett Meske, April 1, 2016



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