In the Blender: Print is Still a Vital Ingredient

print media 2As advances in the field continued to springboard, many predicted the death of print media would soon be upon us. Almost nothing could have been further from the truth.

Print is still a very vital ingredient to include in your most successful marketing dish. Here are some reasons why print media has come to stay for the long haul and why it should always be included on your company’s shopping list:

  • The big boys of print have survived the downfall. When emerging technologies solidified their grip on the marketplace, the print media industry saw huge losses that knocked out its weaker contenders. Those left now are influencing audiences and the messages they receive more than ever. They have increased their foothold across the industry and have produced a print-tech hybrid that is now a force with which to be reckoned. Some of the Davids fell, others joined forces to become the new Goliaths.
  • best-spaghetti-taste-17Print is still easy to hold onto and interacting with it is simpler than that of trying to download a web page, access an app, or learn of something through a social media page feed. Technology know-how has been harder and harder to keep up-to-date; with print media, training is unnecessary for consumption. Pasta tastes much better cooked on the stovetop than it does nuked in the microwave.
  • Print media offers facilitates broader access to creativity. You can freehand something a lot easier on paper than you can on the computer. Vegetables are the best when fresh out of the garden, but frozen vegetables still provide a viable option as a part of your meal.
  • Digital printers have brought the world of print media forward in terms of maximum efficiency, timeliness, and relevance—allowing you an even more significant on your marketing ROI. Who doesn’t love to buy their favorite Sketchers on sale?
  • Joni_CloudsPerhaps most significant to the continued vitality of print media—the baby boomers. A 2012 Nielsen report indicated that they control 70 percent of our country’s wealth. They also purchase 49 percent of all consumer packaged goods. This will continue to remain true well into the next decade. Baby boomers are more comfortable with, as well as more comforted by, information they access in print. The way we loved our album covers then has become the reason why we collect the vinyls today…some things sweeten with age…

Digital methods of marketing will not throw print media to the gutter any more than electronic media methods did. In today’s world of marketing, it’s all about driving your brand. Digital, electronic, and print must all be measured into the recipe of a successful marketing mix. The right measurement for each one of these necessary ingredients is determined by the makeup of the audience you’ve determined needs to hear your message.