Capturing the Good Word: The Case for Customer Case Studies

customers 2If you’re a business or an organization and you’re not yet capturing the accolades of those you serve, you are missing out on what has always been the best way to grow your market and your audience: word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth, top-of-mind…it’s what a customer case study is all about.

And if you don’t even know what a customer case study (a/k/a customer success story) is…well then we really need to talk.

Realistically, you have probably seen many customers, businesses, and/or organizations tell the story of their positive experiences but didn’t know that form of promotion had a name. What you witnessed was, in fact, a customer case study.

This form of storytelling can be significantly improve, grow and maintain your bottom line—but only if it is done effectively, timely, professionally, and efficiently.

Companies and organizations in the past have focused more on telling their own stories, what they as a group have done in the community and for their customers. But times…they are a’changin…it’s time to turn those stories into ones where your customers, patrons and benefactors are the heroes.

isCapturing the good word that your customer has to say about you by sharing their own personal story is what works…it adds the human element that people want to feel, see and hear. Capturing the good word most effectively is best done through facilitation of a professional writer.

A freelance professional writer is the best likely person to capture the good word from your customers and patrons because they are not too closely tied to the subject…or to the customer. Filtered listening does not get in the way. Customers and patrons are more relaxed, and therefore more open and genuine as they tell the story of their experience with you.

Companies and organizations that enlist a professional writer also benefit from the writer’s journalistic viewpoint. What the professional writer ends up with as your story is considered to have more of a basis in news content, rather than being seen as nothing more than another piece of advertising intended solely to capture the market’s wallets instead of their hearts.

A professional writer will write the customer’s story with a foundation built on the human element. It will be the customer’s own story, told in his own words, with subtle refinement from the writer. It will not be merely a testimonial…but rather so much more.

With a customer case study, the customer is the hero.

He or she tells how the problem was identified from his or her viewpoint, determines what the goal was for further interaction with you, talks about the process of coming up with the resolution, how he or she reaped the rewards, and finally how he or she was able to “save the day.” This is why a customer case study is much more powerful than a mere testimonial.

If your company or organization is not in a position to use specific customer case studies…such as for confidential reasons because you are a finance firm or because you are a community support service…then consider implementing “use studies” to tell your stories.

Use studies are stories that are told anonymously. They are still true stories, told with the human element at the core. But instead of one person telling his or her story individually, multiple stories are pieced together to tell your story as a whole. This can also work especially well if you are rolling out a new product, service, or mission and have limited case studies available due to your newness.

patrons 2The material gathered from these customer case studies, or use studies, can be used in many different aspects of your overall marketing strategy.

You can use the material for several blog posts, trade journal and news articles, press releases, website content, direct mail marketing, appeal letters, grant proposals, and so much more…you are not limited to using these stories as video success story scripts alone.

A professional writer can maximize the benefits you receive from capturing all the good words your customers and patrons are saying about your company or organization. Using a professional writer as a partner in your company or organization’s overall marketing plan is vital…and a professional writer’s services will provide a sound return on investment every time.

Now let’s see how, together, we can harness the power of words for your greater good…