My Take on the “Game of Love”: The Meske Review


Author: Ara Grigorian
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Re-Release Date: May 4, 2015
Cover Artist: Eugene Teplitsky
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“The only moment that counts is now. We’re better together than apart.”

Book Summary:

Game of Love is set in the high-stakes world of professional tennis where fortune and fame can be decided by a single point. Gemma Lennon has spent nearly all of her 21 years focused on one thing: Winning a Grand Slam. After a disastrous and very public scandal and subsequent loss at the Australian Open, Gemma is now laser-focused on winning the French Open. Nothing and no one will derail her shot at winning – until a heated chance encounter with brilliant and sexy Andre Reyes threatens to throw her off her game.

Breaking her own rules, Gemma begins a whirlwind romance with Andre who shows her that love and a life off the court might be the real prize. With him, she learns to trust and love…at precisely the worst time in her career. The pressure from her home country, fans, and even the Prime Minister to be the first British woman to win in nearly four decades weighs heavily. As Wimbledon begins, fabricated and sensationalized news about them spreads, fueling the paparazzi, and hurting her performance. Now, she must reconsider everything, because in the high-stakes game of love, anyone can be the enemy within…even lovers and even friends.

In the Game of Love, winner takes all.

The Meske Review: rating star rating starrating starrating star (4 out of 5 stars)

Game of Love is a well-written contemporary romance novel that will appeal to all the diehard romantics in our world. “Courtship” takes on a new meaning in this game of love, as Gemma and Andre have been tainted by players of their pasts. As I read it, and then re-read it, the story to me was reminiscent of the big-screen love that comes to life after all avenues of resistance and denial were exhausted between the characters of Rachel Marin and Frank Farmer, portrayed by Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard. While known typically as a skeptic of the romance genre, this story of “Choices and action” gives me hope, and inspiration. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. To learn more about author Ara Grigorian or for more information about Curiosity Quills Press, click here.

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