So Why Should You Hire Me Anyway?…And What Exactly is a FLCW?

To answer that question, let me first take a moment and share a few facts about me personally…

Melissa Meske, FLCW

Melissa Meske, FLCW

  • I am a seasoned freelance commercial writer (FLCW) trying to strengthen my establishment in my new hometown while continuing as well to build my reputation for straight-forward, professional, affordable and timely writing services nationwide.
  • My conversational writing style doesn’t leave people wondering what they just read–or what you just said.
  • I can easily work with your graphic designer to ensure you put your absolute best foot forward.
  • I have well over 25 years of experience with plenty of clips and references I can share.
  • I also have a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in management and leadership, an Associate of Science degree in business, marketing, and accounting, and am currently expanding my knowledge base through completion of a certificate program in legal studies.

As an independent creative writer, I can provide you with an economical alternative to the overhead costs you would incur such as benefits and a dedicated workspace, supplies and equipment by having in-house employees complete your projects. I will work with you on your projects in your office, over the phone, and/or through technology from my own home base, providing for my own workspace, supplies, and equipment, as well as for my own benefits.

Another plus in working with an independent writer like me is that you only pay for the actual time spent on your project, whereas an employee draws his or her salary whether or not they are busy with your work.

If you need someone to help tell your story, manage your messages, and keep you informed so that you can continue staying out in front of your market, please contact me today. Together, we can come up with an approach that will grow and retain your customer base while allowing you to refocus on the reasons you are in business.

Looking for more reasons why you should hire me? Just jump on over to my other site pages, where you can view samples of my previous commercial works and some of my original works. You can also contact me here to learn more or to book a time to meet. I am currently looking to fill my schedule with projects to begin in March and beyond.

Otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email at or send me a message through Facebook at You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram.

And if you can help me spread the word about “Melissa Meske, Writer & Author,” that would be appreciated as well…very much so. I look forward to working with you…