the meske review: UNHAPPENINGS by Edward Aubry

UnHappenings Book Cover 1000Title:  Unhappenings
Author: Edward Aubry
Genre: Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: January 8, 2015
Cover Artist: Andy Garcia
978-1-62007-718-4 (eBook);
978-1-62007-719-1 (paperback);
978-1-62007-720-7 (hardcover)

“…the past is every bit as flexible as the future.”

Nigel Walden’s first girlfriend comes to him with a kiss at 14 years old…and disappears without a trace the next day. There is no record of her existence…no one knows who she is and the school has no memory of her attendance there. Nigel’s classmates have no clue who Beth Richmond is—or ever was. This moment is the first time Nigel becomes consciously aware of a lifetime of UNHAPPENINGS.

A few years later, Nigel meets the first two of many people from his past, present, and future. He hopes that these two can help him understand why the past that is true today is different tomorrow. The young lady from the future is reluctant to share and what turns out to be the senior version of himself is unreliable. He continues his search for answers to these unhappenings. His search takes him 52 years into his future…then he meets Helen.

Helen is an addictive combination of brilliant, hilarious and beautiful. But Nigel holds back…his past relationships have always disappeared—quite literally. A year later, Nigel overcomes his fears, gives into his desires, and reveals his secrets…allowing Helen into his heart and his world.

The young lady from the future warns that by doing this, Nigel has set events into motion that will undoubtedly result in catastrophic consequences. While taking actions that he hopes will keep his relationship with Helen from unhappening, Nigel discovers the truth…and the role he has been playing in it all along…as Nigel of the past, present, and future. He also learns just how important of a role the young lady from the future has had all along.

An intertwining of time-travel, love, suspense, and hyperphysics, UNHAPPENINGS is a tale of balancing life’s choices in the war between good and evil, right and wrong, and the struggle to keep the worst from happening without erasing the best of which already has.

This literary work of art has me considering adding a bit more sci-fi to my bookshelf …it’s a definite must read! On a five-star scale, I give it a 4.5…

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