Hello and welcome!

Hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me introduce myself…

I’m Melissa Crockett Meske.

A professional writer, editor and researcher. An indie author and a recreational poet.

An ideasmith and a passionate lover of words. And the owner of the strategic communications firm, Font & Pen.

I am located in the St. Louis Metro-East, where the River Road and the Mother Road meet, but I’m available virtually everywhere.

pexels-photo-1043514.jpegMy strong and refined talent in both written and verbal communications can be of great benefit to you, your company, or your nonprofit on many levels.

As a solopreneur, I provide professional writing and editing services, public relations coordination and event promotions, other virtual administrative assistance, as well as organizational incubation assistance and idea mentoring.

Everything from form letters to press releases, from white papers to newsletter content, research reports and grant writing assistance — just ask. Most likely the answer is yes.

It is a further goal of mine to continually grow myself by growing others. My plan is to  nurture, refine and expand the professional services I offer, to partner with others, and to provide incubation and support that helps the seeds of other businesses and nonprofits break through the top soil and grow to full maturity.

Font and Pen logoI am also looking to partner with other like-minded services.

Together, we can build a networked foundation of quality professional services so that businesses and nonprofits of all stages, from launch to maturity, can place or regain a focus on growing and nurturing what’s at the heart of their goals and dreams.

A product of the Midwest, I have been writing for a living in some form or another for more than 25 years. Currently, I am employed as senior reporter/editor for a local weekly newspaper (AdVantage) distributed across Madison County, Illinois and have also written features over the years for several other area publications.

My inkdrops can be found in the St. Louis and DC metro regions, and I am both an Amazon and Goodreads author and editor. As an independent news producer, I provide a roundup of the local weekly headlines for Rela America Independent Radio Station, where you can tune in and hear my segment every Monday night at 7 p.m. Central. And if you have a news tip or story you would like me to share, send it to me via email at mytownbeat@gmail.com.


Available for purchase at Amazon.com

I have also penned original works of words under my own professional identity as Melissa Crockett Meske, including a published poetry collective available through Amazon.com as well as a published lyrics that were professionally recorded, produced and published that you can listen to via ReverbNation.

Currently, I am facilitating a group of writing enthusiasts who meet monthly in Jerseyville, Illinois known as the Writers & Wannabes Guild of Greater Jersey County. We just had our first exhibition of original words and are looking forward to our next steps.

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smartphone-982562_1920Call upon me when you can’t find the time, or the words. I can help you refine your message so the story you share sets the best possible vision and perception of you and what it is you have to share with others. I can also connect you to a strong network of other business and industry professionals.

Thanks so much for stopping by — for your ongoing interest, encouragement & support!