Welcome to my virtual home!

I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Melissa Crockett Meske. A wordsmith, an ideasmith. A literary artist. An author, an editor. A poet. A lover of words. And the owner of the strategic communications firm known as Font & Pen.

As owner of Font & Pen, my strength in communications can be of great benefit to you and your company or nonprofit at many levels. My firm provides professional writing and editing services, public relations and event promotions, virtual administrative assistance, and business incubation and development.

After all, let’s face it, most business owners and nonprofit leaders would rather be doing what they got into the business for rather than pushing around the paperwork.

It is a goal of Font & Pen to grow itself by growing others. My plan is to continually nurture, grow and expand the professional services my firm offers, to partner with others, and to provide an incubator that helps the seeds of other businesses and nonprofits within “the garden” to break through the top soil and grow to full maturity.

With roots planted in south central Illinois, Font & Pen is looking to partner with other business services in the greater Jersey, Greene, Calhoun, Macoupin and Madison Counties in Illinois, and beyond, to build a networked foundation of quality professional services so that businesses and nonprofits of all stages, from launch to maturity, can place or regain a focus on growing and nurturing what’s at the heart of their goals and dreams.

I encourage you to consider calling upon the services of Font & Pen when you can’t find the time, or the words. And I encourage those who are looking to partner, further pollinating and germinating the rows of our innovative field of growth, to contact me at Font & Pen today and see what crops up.

Font & Pen is interested as well in developing and coordinating literary arts programming throughout the region. Readings, signings, exhibitions, artist talks, promotions–whenever and wherever it’s words, Font & Pen can make it happen. All we have to do is open up a dialogue…

A product of the Midwest, I have been writing for a living in some form or another for well over two decades. I stretched my wings briefly from the confines of the Midwest and spent the two years in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia from June 2014 until returning back home in June 2016. During my adventures out East, my professional services firm was known as ProBriefs, and I also penned original works of words simply under my own name.

cover_frontCreatively, I published my first book in April 2016, a poetry collective entitled “The Dirt Still Looks the Same” which is available for purchase through Amazon.

Work on my second book, a fictional piece with a little bit of murder and mystery inside its pages, has started being penned to paper, and my third (a non-fiction piece) is in its research stage. I have also had the pleasure of editing other author’s books such as for West Virginia’s George I. Kidwiler, Jr., and am looking for more opportunities in that realm as well.

I also had the exciting opportunity for my first set of published lyrics to be set into production. You can listen to this song through my ReverbNation page, and it is also available for purchase and download.

I had the very distinctive chance to collaborate with a wonderful group of creative minds to make my lyrics come to life. This recorded piece features Brittny Holt of Alton, Illinois, on vocals with music composed and arranged by Shaun Copeland of Wood River, Illinois. It was recorded at McBeat’s Music Lab and produced by Copeland’s studio, 4-Fo-Rela Inc., both located in Wood River as well.

As a published writer with over two decades of original works moving from my imagination, pen and keyboard onto paper, the screen and stage, I have captured my audience’s eyes, ears and imagination time and time again. You can read more about my inkdrops thus far by clicking here.

Click here to keep up on all the latest. Also be sure to contact me today if you’d like to learn more about Font & Pen’s services and how we can work together to mutual success, or if you’d like to add your chapter to this world of words.

Thanks so much for your ongoing interest, encouragement and support!